What is Kundalini Healing?

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What is Kundalini Healing?

Kundalini Healing is to provide your inner chakra a comprehensive powerful upgrade by obliterating the energetic blocks and obstacles that are stopping you to love the life that you sought after. Kundalini Healing is important to boost your body system to operate in an optimal and powerful manner. Be aware that kundalini healing can really elevate your life for the betterment of your future endeavours.

The first Kundalini healing session is not only to break down old habits and patterns, but to cleanse and balance your chakra. After this, we will move on to address other emotional and physical issues that are daunting you. We will slowly repair and restore the balance of all chakra so that you can look at life from a different perspective with a well balanced mindfulness and thoughts.

Why do you need Kundalini Healing?

You may ask, “ I am feeling okay, why should I need Kundalini Healing?” Your scepticism is not uncalled for. Those who have not experienced energy healing share the same sentiments. Some may even doubt its existence and effectiveness, mistreating as a hoax or religion. Honestly, Kundalini Healing is nothing of the sorts. Everyone has experienced many ups and downs in life, not knowing what are the causes to these agonies, anger, fear, discomfort, unsecure, self-doubt etc. The truth is, you are experiencing a misalignment in your physical body. Whether it is a pain in your eyes, shoulder, hands, legs etc. All these cause the mood to swing and sometimes even cause sleep disturbances. The unbearable discomfort probably is hitting a nail on your head that prompted you to consult your practitioner for any remedy of your situation.

We are taught to take good care of our physical self, but most people are unaware that a misalignment of our energetic system gives rise to a sense of unwellness. In today’s materialistic society, we tend to ignore our emotional well-being and just go through life in a monotonous manner. We are “zombified” in the modern society where we take things for granted and disregard the physical symptoms that are alerting us of the imparity of our body. We have yet to look for the help we need to maintain ourselves on a balanced energetic level. This is where Kundalini Healing fits the role for all these purpose.

Experience the “REAL YOU”

Kundalini Healing is to help you feel more connected to yourself emotionally, physically and spiritually. Old patterns and habits eliminate and what you present to other people is the “Real you” and not your old self. From the first session, you will feel a sense of tranquillity, calmness, more grounded and able to understand and cope with everyday challenges more effectively, confidently and effortlessly.

Is Crystalline Healing a Hype?

Crystalline Healing is an alternative medical technique in which crystals are used to cure illness and act as a protection against diseases. It is a belief that crystal acts as conduits for healing which allows positive energetic energy to flow into the body, distilling negative, disease-orientated energy out of the body. Though there is an upsurge in popularity of crystalline healing. In recent years, but this alternative method is not favourable with most doctors and physicians, many whom regard crystalline healing as a pseudoscience.

Nevertheless, crystalline healing remains well-known at health spas and new age clinics, sometimes incorporated into related practices of massages and Reiki. The use of crystal in such environment may help to release stress and induce relaxation, though it is not supported by any scientific evidence. The effect of crystalline healing is subjective rather than objective. It depends very much on each individual’s adaptation to the energy flow in their body, be it distinctively or vaguely. If there is a sense or severe blockage in their energy system, they may not even feel the energy flow in their body thus concluding that crystalline healing is just a hype and ineffective.

Is Kundalini Reiki Healing Right for you?

Do you often feel stressed, easily agitated, frustrated or fatigue? Or do you constantly feel like “doing nothing”. “don’t feel like doing anything” or “just feel like lazing around?”

If all these conditions suffice, then Kundalini Reiki Healing treatment might be just what you need exactly. A powerful, natural healing method that receives the energy from the universe, or what is commonly known as the Kundalini energy. It helps to alleviate energetic blocks and imbalances in your physical, mental and emotional bodies, and as a result restoring balance to the body, mind and spirit.

The outcome after a Kundalini Healing session is often deep relaxation, inner calmness and security. On a spiritual level, Kundalini Reiki Healing connects you to your higher self, i.e. your higher consciousness to help you develop your self-awareness, self-consciousness and self realisation so as to bring about a transformation in your life.

The Procedure

A typical session will last around 60min and consist of a consultation of 15 min prior to the treatment. A debrief of how the client experience will be conducted after the treatment.

Your Experience

Everyone experiences energy differently. One may feel energy strongly while another may not feel it so distinctively. Some may not even feel it at all. Sometimes we may experience physical sensations. It may feel like your whole body is vibrating or having “needles poking on your head”. However please note that each experience will different from one individual to another.

There are times where we may even receive insights or images in our mind or it could simply be a deep sense of calmness. There will also be a possibility that old emotional issues may surface after a healing session. Trust the Kundalini energy is flowing through your body. It knows best which part of your body needs the appropriate healing.

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