Most Powerful Crystals For Wealth: A guide to boosting wealth with crystals

Crystal for Wealth

Crystals are commonly known to help with physical and emotional needs. In fact, the properties of crystals are not just meant for those purposes. Many see crystals as magnificent tools that allow them to attract wealth, abundance, prosperity and money. Whether your main objective of getting a crystal is to generate more income, increase your savings or obliterate your debts, there is at least one crystal that satisfies your needs!

Council of Divine Light has a range of crystals for wealth recommended by our Master Jef. If you are interested in any of the Crystal for wealth, do seek his advice if the selected crystals will be suitable for your needs before making a purchase.

Once he deems the crystal of your choice is the right match for your intention, he will then energise the crystal with positive energies so that it will attract wealth, money and abundance into your life. Unlike any other tangible products that you purchased, you cannot regard crystals as any ordinary jewellery or ornament. You need to posses it with an open heart and unconditional love, so that your frequency is able to resonate with the energy of the crystals, thus helping you to achieve your financial goals. Results vary, it is definitely not a miracle or a magical stone that will turn you into a millionaire overnight.

Patience, perseverance and love are the basic attributes for a crystal of your choice to exude it’s highest potential powers. If you are impatient to see results, then the crystals would not be able to function properly for you. It takes time for you to nurture, to express your unconditional love. It is a must to communicate with your crystals everyday. Treat your crystals with love and respect and in return, it will definitely bring you unforeseen surprises and good luck.

Below is a list of Crystals for your wealth. Take your time to go through their properties. If you eye on any crystal of your choice, do not rush into purchasing them. Ask yourself repeatedly whether the crystal you selected is suitable for you and buy it only when you feel a sense of happiness and calmness inside your body.

If you are unsure, please feel free to seek a complimentary consultation from our Master Jef here @




Abundance and wealth healing, most powerful crystals for wealth!

No 1. Black Tourmaline

If you want to reduce your debts and achieve release from your debt trauma, the Black Tourmaline would be highly recommended. It is a powerful crystal for debt as it gives you a rational thinking to clear your clutter by awakening your mind.

Just by empowering the Root Chakra, the Black Tourmaline will clear the cloudy mind and restore your sense of reasoning. With these obstacles unblocked, you will subsequently be able to attract all the luck and wealth to you. Eventually, you may even be able to trigger your dreams to come true.

No 2. Ruby

For repairing fortune and charm, ruby is the best choice for this purpose as it creates soul correction. To keep attracting more wealth and luck, it will be a great advantage if you placed ruby near to the lower chakra

Ruby on the other hand will beckon success with great future. This is to ensure that every decision that you make for your career will become successful. If you pair ruby with topaz, it will enhance the attraction of wealth and luck into your life.

No 3. Green Aventurine

Basically, Green Aventurine is a crystal meant for health. But it is also an excellent vehicle to attract money. Green Aventurine is also highly regarded for creating more opportunities.

Furthermore, Green Aventurine is also well known to gamblers as it helps in attracting luck in terms of financial gain.

How to utilise the power of Green Aventurine to bring more abundance and wealth is to place it in a dish which you toss your loose change at the end of the day. Allow some time for Green Aventurine to take control of your everyday habits. Before your realise it, you will be searching for more ways to save money. This incredible benevolent crystal is also an empowerment tool for any important business meeting or meeting with a financial advisor.

No. 4 Iron Pyrite

Iron Pyrite is also known as the fool’s gold is one of the best crystals for wealth. One distinctive property of Iron Pyrite is to help you not to be blinded by people as well as things that are not true.

Iron Pyrite will protect you from any scams. It will also help you to sham away from any scammers who tries to con you of your money. Bring Iron Pyrite with you during any meeting , in which you are entering a contract that may affect your finances.

No. 5 Quartz

Quartz is not only the best selection for money, but it is useful for any purpose in life as well. If you want anything to materialise, have a piece of quartz with you. By doing so you will enhance your positive energies. If you are able to find a Quartz that contains golden rutiles, it is much better. To utilise this crystal for wealth, consider placing a pile of quartz on top of a paper bill folded up and store it in a safe place. In addition, you can keep this with your important papers.

No 6. Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye are available in various colors. Though all of them are considered abundance crystals, but the Golden Tiger’s Eye is the most powerful amongst them. This crystal will enhance your luck, ground your energy, and empower you with the abilities to understand any challenges that you encounter in life. Tiger Eye will boost your perception that it is not necessary for you to rely on or dependent upon anyone to attract the wealth you are hankering after. Nevertheless, it’s good to have a piece of Tiger’s Eye for meditation especially when you are along or working with the law of attraction.

No 7. Jade

Jade is another excellent crystal for attracting success and luck, not only with money. Jade is also a stone that can help you in dropping your shifting change dish as well as keeping your financial paper (bills, statement etc.) for further increase of positive energies. On the other hand, if you need a boost in your life, you can safely and surely depend on Jade and you are in good hands.

Jade works very well with your Heart Chakra and this will keep your hope for wealth in balance with your emotional wants. This will also balance your ambitions with your fellow feeling and promote a better understanding or the people in your life.

No. 8 Citrine

Citrine is a well-known crystal for attracting an abundance of money. Sometimes, it is called the store of merchants in the astrology circles since its intention is to bring prosperity to salesperson and shopkeepers one the greatest advantage about citrine, is it can be placed anywhere to attract more money.

Citrine on the other hand, is not only the best stone to attract money. In fact, any other type of tangible abundance and wealth will correspond to its outstanding vibrant colors. It resonates very well with the Solar Plexus Chakra, the place where powerful transformations occur.

No. 9 Amethyst

If you really want to bring success and prosperity into your life. It is crucial that you correct with crystals that allow you to be clear minded in terms of making the correct decisions. Amethyst, however, is considered the stone of the Ethereal Chakra, ie. that is able to empower the crown. Amethyst is ideal for making important financial decisions with accuracy and at ease.

If you want to curb your spending spree, make sure you keep a piece of Amethyst in your pocket.

Why do I need Crystals for wealth?

You deserve prosperity, wealth and abundance. The Universe bestow you with all the necessary resources to manifest your dreams. Remember the quote, “Ask and you shall receive!”

People are accustomed to their doubts since childhood, They feel that they are unworthy of achieving financial success and associate money with sin. These are utterly absurd as there are enough resources and opportunities available for everyone in the world.

You probably need reminders to think optimistically that the Universe has created abundance for your to receive freely and effortlessly. Crystals are just one of the many majestic tools created by the Universe to help you realise your dreams manifest them into reality.

With this in mind, it is time for you to break free of your poverty mindset so that money and wealth can flow in.

Use of Crystals for Wealth

  • Sleep with any of these crystals by placing it under your pillow to bring a lot of money making ideas while you are sleeping.
  • Use crystals in the elixirs in order to harness their positive and energies.
  • The easiest way to empower the abilities of the crystals is to carry them in your wallet or purse. This allows you to make the right purchasing decision throughout the day
  • To ensure that you are dispelling negative energies, consider wearing these crystals as pieces if jewellery
  • To focus on prosperity and wealth, you can use them for meditation
  • Place a crystal around your place as a reminder of energies you are trying to attract.
  • To strengthen your financial intentions, place a crystals for your health, such as Amethyst or Citrine in the left corner of your office and home, which are also known as the Wealth corner, once you enter.

How Do Crystals For Wealth Work?

Knowing that crystals are messages of the Universe, they dictate your intentions and send them out to the Universe. Crystals are, in fact energy conductive and naturally structured. They transcript the wisdom and answers from the Universe you require to attain your ultimate goals.

In order to use the crystals effectively in your favours, you need to deliberately infuse them with your precise, succinct intentions. You need to understand the natures and properties of specific crystals and energise them for the best results.




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