Founded by Master Jef C, The Council of Divine Light aims to:

Elevate the vibration of humanity, and bring unconditional Love and Abundance to Mankind.

The Mission of The Council of Divine Light is to:

Alleviate all pains and grievances that are distorted in life. To help people to see their true-self and not a reflection of fake reality. To lead people to the correct path of ascension and to their higher consciousness. To educate the masses that everything is just a reflection of themselves.

Master Jef C. is a naturally gifted primordial energy healer. He received his calling to heal at a very young age. He is also a certified Reki and Chinese Ba Zi (八字)Master. At the Council of Divine Light, Master Jef has beautifully combined the energies of these 2 techniques so that not only his clients will receive the healing from the Universe, but also insights that can help them to understand their life and happenings better. 

At the same time, Master Jef is a skilled healer whom is able to ascend your level of awareness and positivity through in-depth Inner Child Healing or the basic Kundalini Reiki Healing. You could also choose to receive the keys to your past by opening up the library of your Akashic Records or simply regressions through the natural psychic abilities of Master Jef. 

Background Story

Coming from a conservative and traditional family background that disperse all religion beliefs, Master Jef had originally denied the fact that he had to embark on this spiritual journey. However, with every step of denial comes challenges and obstacles in life. It was getting worse gradually and Master Jef started to sought help from everyone around him then. Sadly, none lend out a helping hand nor have had a solution. Even after explaining his mission to his family members, they were not able to accept it and started to blame him for the mishaps that were happening, directly or indirectly. After experiencing such extreme negativity and deterrence, Master Jef was motivated to solve them once and for all.

He finally "surrendered" to his primordial destiny as he seek guidance from his Divine Mother (Adhiparasakthi Amma), learning how to finally unleash his true spiritual power and psychic abilities as he submit to his mission. This "awakening process" helped Master Jef to eventually understand what he was meant for; the masses, the Universe. Through challenges and life adversities, Master Jef is now ready to guide and educate people on how to activate their true potential and strengthen themselves and their environment, physically and mentally.

His powerful innate connection with Divine Mother (Adhiparasakthi Amma), the Primordial Source, allowed him to provide effective and emotional help to his clients. His main objective is to connect and reach out to those who are searching for help in resolving difficult health, emotional and life issues and seeking advice on how to lead a happier, healthier and more meaningful life.

Master Jef is not bias nor against any religion. He respects all of them and will help you to understand the true messages and meaning from them. The world is polluted and many messages have been diluted due to human behaviours and emotions.

Master Jef has now realised his true mission and passion towards the mankind and this Universe. That is to spread awareness of Divine Mother's one true teaching, Unconditional Love. And only by that, would the Universe regain it's balance. Master Jef C. welcomes all from the globe, that seeks his help and guidance with the purest intention of uplifting themselves or whom is desperately seeking for a way out.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us, we will be here for you.