Amethyst Phantom

Amethyst Phantom

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Our Amethyst Phantom has been energized with Universal energy to bring forth powerful cleansing and calming effects to your living spaces. It holds the energetic characteristics of both the amethyst and phantom in this unique combination. 


  • A powerful healer crystal for purifying negativity in the environment including toxic emotions such as anger.
  • A great tool to help one to improve concentration especially during meditation or prayer.
  • It is associated with the crown chakra to align one with wisdom of universe.


  • As a variation of clear quartz, it is also an energy cleanser.
  • A crystal of transformation, it supports us in moving past blockages by shifting one’s perspective in a situation and healing the past traumas.
  • As a crystal of growth, it helps to enhance one’s talents or skills.

Product details:

Width x Height (without base): 9cm x 6.5cm

Width x Height (with base): 9cm x 11cm

Weight of crystal: 0.38 kg

Total weight with base: 0.59 kg