Desert Rose

Desert Rose

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  • Our Desert Roses have been energized with Universal energy to enhance your living spaces, meditation practices and as healing tools.
  • Desert Rose is an unique stone which holds both feminine and masculine energies by bringing together the power of Mother Earth and Father Sky. Hence, this is an excellent stone to revitalise and strengthen relationships especially between couples. It is an exceptional stone to be used for twin flame healing or inter-relationship healing.
  • This is a great meditative aid to ground yourself and amplify your natural intuition. 
  • Desert Roses are also fantastic stones for protection. You may put one at 4 corners of the home to ward off negative energies and elements. 
  • As this is a stone of wood element, you may place it in the east or southeast area of your home or room to invite the energies of prosperity and abundance into your living space. 

To note: Desert Roses should be kept away from wet places such as bathroom or kitchen sinks as prolong exposure to water will change its formation. It is a soft mineral that should always be kept dry.

Product details:

Width x Height (without base): 21cm x 17cm

Width x Height (with base): 21cm x 23cm

Total weight with base: 2.44 kg