Space Cleansing (Home/Office)

Space Cleansing (Home/Office)

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Are you feeling comfortable in your current workplace or home?

Sometimes, energy imbalance could be caused due to our surrounding environment and it could affect our overall performance. At the same time, the presence of negative energy in a place could affect the Harmony, Luck, and Prosperity or the people who reside/work in that place.

Space Cleansing will help to:

- Reduce negative energies in houses/offices or any indoor/outdoor area

- It is excellent for creating a positive living and working environment, thus attracting Harmony, Luck, Prosperity and Good Health


- An appointment would be set up with Master Jef

- We would require your address, map of the place for space cleansing (hand-drawn is fine as well)

- This cleansing does not need to be on-site.

Please contact us for quotations for home/office area more than 2500 sq ft.