Twin Flame Love Healing (For Couple's Inter-relationship)

Twin Flame Love Healing (For Couple's Inter-relationship)

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Are you happy or satisfied with your love relationship with your partner? Are you having problems with your marriage? Or even after many years of searching, you still cannot find true love or attract love?

To solve inter-relationship problems, to attract true love/realationship

A short conversation of 15 minutes prior to the session over Zoom or WhatsApp. After the session, we shall have a short debrief about your experience of the healing session. Deep breathing is a must after the healing session for the new universal energy to stabilise in your body. During the healing session, all electronic devices like your mobile phones shall be turned off in order not to interfere with the frequency of the universal energy entering your body.



Do you know that you are not the only one who is suffering from Love and Relationship issues? Definitely, there must be a better way ti address these issues. But first, you must be in the right frame of mind; you must want to be healed, and receive the love healing and guidance from the universe.

If you don’t uproot these recurring, teething love and relationship problems, it will only carry from lifetime to lifetime, generation after generation. That is why the Council of Divine Light’s mission is to provide Twin-flame love healing/Couple Interrelationship healing to people who are in need. Give yourself an opportunity and commitment to healing yourself, and obliterate all these negative issues from continuing to wreak havoc in your life. Create a positive path filled with Unconditional Love after healing.


Benefits of the healing session:

  • Receive unconditional love healing from the Universe
  • Your Love Frequency and Love energies will be healed and balanced to a positive state
  • Increase your frequency to attract positive soulmate
  • Heal your love relationship/marriage issues
  • Heal your sexual problems that are affecting your life and relationship/marriage


For overseas clients, healing sessions will be conducted as distance healing due to the current Covid restrictions. For local clients (Singapore), Master Jef will advise accordingly.