Yellow Phantom

Yellow Phantom

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Our Yellow Phantom has been energized with Universal energy to bring forth relaxing and soothing effects to your living spaces.

  • As a variation of clear quartz, it is also an energy cleanser.
  • A crystal of transformation, it supports us in moving past blockages by shifting one’s perspective in a situation and healing the past traumas.
  • As a crystal of growth, it helps to enhance one’s talents or skills.
  • Additionally, yellow phantom bring forth clarity of thoughts to one’s heart and mind.
  • It can be placed at your working desk to energetically enhanced your working environment.

Product details:

Width x Height (without base): 10cm x 7.5cm

Width x Height (with base): 10cm x 12cm

Weight of crystal: 0.73 kg

Total weight with base: 0.97 kg